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Installing a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) provides you with in-building mobile coverage that externally located base stations cannot.

We have extensive skills and experience in the technology needed to provide you with in-building coverage and, just as importantly, are skilled in liaising with building owners to ensure you get the solution you need.

Our outstanding project management skills gives us the ability to understand your business, communicate clearly with you, tailor the best solution and then deliver. We can ensure your project is high quality, on-time, safe and on-budget.

That’s why we have been responsible for many significant DAS projects including:

200 Elizabeth Street (42 levels)
Macquarie Bank, Sydney (32 levels)
400 George Street, Sydney (40 levels)
Australia Square, Sydney (<40 levels)
Many Westfield shopping centres around NSW

We would welcome a discussion about how we can help deliver your DAS project or you can download more information.


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